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Our name is Stainless, but don’t let it limit your thinking about our capabilities. We specialize in manufacturing equipment and parts made from stainless materials but that is just the beginning. Our craftsmen work with all types of metal including but not limited to steel and various aluminum alloys as well as plastics of many types. We can help you refine the design of your product using state of the art Autocad Inventor series design software or we can build from your design drawings. We have numerous product lines that we currently build for our customers on a regular and discreet basis and are always looking for more. Let us help you build your next invention or help with your next project.

Our manufacturing capabilities are wide ranging and include numerous precision machining operations and all forms of fabrication and materials processing functions.

Stainless Systems Inc. is centrally located in Kansas and the continental US which makes shipping products very uniform and competitive in price. The central Kansas area has a strong manufacturing history, is an open shop state and has an excellent labor pool to draw from making us very competitive on many levels.

Thank you for your interest in our company as we look forward to working with you in the future.

Greg Roepka
President SSI

Stainless Systems, Inc.

Stainless Systems, Inc.

Greg Roepka, president

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